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suit for shortdistance heavy truck, mixer truck, dumper and building site vehicles



Features & Benefits:-金沙娱东场85155.com

①Deep pattern design and wide tread enhance the seveice durability and longer mileage.②Big pattern block and strong design provide strong traction, braking power on off road condition.③Open pattern groove and bottom design can clear the cobble away, so it has very good self-cleaning performance. Open tyre shoulder pattern is more conducive to heat distribution.④Advanced product formula and the using of patent including waterproof and anti-puncturing ensure the excellent abrasion resistance and anti-cutting performance.⑤Reinforced bead and tyre body to ensure durability against over-loading.

Specifications and parameters

Size Type PR Std.Rim Load Index  SS Max.Pressure(kPa) Max Load(Kg) NSD
Single Dual
8.25R16 TT 16 6.50H 128/124 K 770 1800 1600 15.5 855 235
9.00R20 TT 16 7.0 144/142 K 900 2800 2650 18.0 1019 259
11.00R20 TT 18 8.0 152/149 K 930 3550 3250 19.0 1085 293
12.00R20 TT 18 8.5 154/151 J 830 3750 3450 21.0 1125 315